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Risk Management – World Travel Assistance

New Member Registration Request Form (xls)
Worldwide Assistance Coverage Description (pdf)

International Insurance & Travel Assistance Programs

The University of Maine System (University) recognizes that international study and work experiences are integral to students, faculty, residents and staff by broadening their perspectives on intercultural diversity and relationships. It is also recognized that such travel may pose certain unique and increased risks to participants and to the University.

Please refer to system and campus policies for domestic and international travel guidelines.

The following information is intended to assist travelers in minimizing the risk related to University-sponsored international activities.  Students should continue to be reported to Risk Management for liability purposes, but are expected to purchase short-term international travel insurance to protect them while abroad.  A number of vendors exist, and the most popular and economical solution is through http://www.inext.com

International Travel Insurance Program

While the travel policy is written on a blanket, non-reporting basis, it is best  if we notify the carrier of any planned trips in advance of their departure just to avoid any surprises.  A simple email to request the status of any country is highly encouraged. Prior to departure, a completed “New Member Registration Request Form” should be completed and forwarded to Risk Management.

Who is covered?

  • Employees participating in university travel programs.

What is the coverage territory?

  • For most coverages, it is anywhere in the world except the US and its territories and possessions, Canada and Puerto Rico.  (For  these places, some health insurance benefits apply, so you may want to review your personal coverage)
  • Any country or jurisdiction which is subject to trade or economic sanctions imposed by the laws or regulations of the US are excluded from coverage.
  • Risk Management will endeavor to get coverage for trips falling within these excluded areas, but we must be provided with adequate lead time.
  • There are a litany of countries excluded from the Kidnap and Ransom coverage (call Risk Management if you have particular concerns but countries of note include: Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Peru)

What is covered?

This summary is not intended to explain every coverage and benefit of the policy, nor every  exclusion to coverage.  It is an overview only.

  •    Liability Coverage in the event something goes wrong and we are sued.
  •    Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage (limit varies based on injury)
  •    Medical Expense from an Accident ($25,000 limit) – Note: injuries from extra-hazardous
  •    Activities, and those while intoxicated are not covered.
  •    Kidnap and Ransom Expense ($250,000)
  •    Also includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, etc
  •    Program includes the Executive Assistance Services which are information and assistance services available while     abroad.  Go to the ACE Website below for more information.   While a lot of the cost of the services may not be included in our coverage, the ability to arrange for necessary services while in a foreign land are priceless.

International Travel Links

ACE Website

Travel warnings, passport, and other information (U.S. Department of State)

Traveler’s health information (Center for Disease Control)

Fodor’s Travel Guides

University of Maine Office of International Programs

University of Southern Maine Office of International Programs

Economic or trade sanctioned countries