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Risk Management – Insurance Coverage

Building Insurance

Building and Contents:

Property Claims:

Current Deductible:                $100,000                    Minimum Charged to Campus:       $ 10,000

  • All real property (buildings) owned by the University System are insured for their replacement cost for most causes of loss.  Personal property (contents) are similarly insured.
  • Because of our large deductible, Risk Management does offer an optional coverage funded by additional premium to buy down the deductible as low as $250 for smaller items that a department may wish to insure specially (such as electronics, library books, bookstore contents, etc.)  This special contents program is totally self-insured by the system.     ——Required form: Special Contents Insurance——
  • We also carry specialty coverage for inland and ocean marine equipment which can be obtained for an additional premium based upon the value of the items.  This is a fully insured program.

New Buildings:                                  Required form: C.O.P.E. Form

Buildings in Construction:        Guidelines for Securing Builder’s Risk Insurance


General Liability

Current Deductible:                $400,000                    Minimum Charged to Campus:       $ 10,000

This coverage provides protection to the University and its trustees, officers, appointees, employees and volunteers against claims from third parties for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury (libel, slander, invasion of privacy, etc.). Coverage applies to occurrences both on University premises and in connection with University operations conducted elsewhere. In order to be covered, a person must be acting at the direction of and within the scope of his or her duties for the University of Maine System. Coverage is included for University-sponsored student organizations (including their officers and members while acting within the scope of their duties) so long as the activity has received the appropriate University approval.


Educators Legal Liability

Current Deductible:                $150,000                    Minimum Charged to Campus:       $ 150,000

The Educators Legal Liability policy insures trustees, employees, students and volunteers conducting University-related business for wrongful acts. Wrongful acts can include actual or alleged errors, omissions, acts, misstatements, neglect or breach in the discharge of duties to or on behalf of the University.


Vehicle Liability Insurance

Current Deductible:                $400,000                    Minimum Charged to Campus:       $ 10,000

Liability insurance coverage for owned, leased, and rented vehicles is provided on a blanket basis for all vehicles used in the course and scope of University business.

Physical Damage Vehicle Insurance

Current Deductible:  Depends of Vehicle Values      Minimum Charged to Campus:       Depends on Vehicle Values

The University also covers all owned vehicles for Physical Damage.  Yearly, Risk Management charges a premium for each vehicle, unless specifically asked to exclude a particular vehicle.   Based on the values of the vehicle, Risk Management determines an appropriate premium.

Required form: Motor Vehicle Insurance


Fine Arts and Special Collections Insurance
Arts Insurance Program Guidelines