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Risk Management and Insurance


Risk Management proactively manages the University of Maine’s loss exposures by identifying the types of accidental losses faced by the University, analyzing the different types and sizes of these loss exposures and deciding how to handle and finance these losses. We use a combination of commercial insurance, self-insurance, risk avoidance, risk transfers and effective claim management. We recognize that the University by its very nature is a constantly changing, dynamic entity. Our aim is to protect the University and enable it to accomplish its educational, social and economic missions.

The University of Maine System focuses on sustainability on each of its campuses.  UMS works to identify alternative energy sources, and actively implements them when feasible.  UMS currently utilizes bio-mass heating, wind turbines, photovoltaic energy, and geo-thermal energy systems to provide the campus with more efficient, more environmentally sustainable, and cheaper sources of heat and electricity.   This makes our campuses unique from a Risk Management perspective, and allows risk management to actively consult on emerging issues with the use of these technologies.

We actively manage the risk for the use of over 600 university vehicles, 75 watercraft, aviation equipment and over 500 owned buildings.  UMS Risk Management procures and maintains insurance for research projects, and scientific equipment located throughout the world.  We work in conjunction with multiple Lloyd’s of London syndicates to place this unique property.  Additionally, we provide risk assessments for all campus departments to ensure that business continuity planning is conducted, and that adequate risk transfer/risk control is provided based on the baseline assessment results.


Common Questions


Emergency Management

If you are unsure if something may be a risky venture, please reach out to us!   We are here to serve the Campus community, and ultimately look to reduce our Total Cost of Risk, and make our campuses the safest and most risk management oriented in the United States.

Hazardous Situations - Use this form or call (207)-973-3332 or (207)-621-3462

In the event of a serious injury or major emergency, please contact 911 or Campus Police before contacting Risk Management.


Department Contacts

Adam Green                                                                                                               Helen Chamberland
Risk Manager                                                                                                             Administrative Specialist
(207) 621-3462                                                                                                           (207) 973-3332
Fax: (207) 947-7556                                                                                                    Fax: (207) 947-7556

adamgreen@maine.edu                                                                                             helen.chamberland@maine.edu

Risk Management Topics of Interest

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