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Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management actively manages the University of Maine’s loss exposures by identifying the types of accidental losses faced by the University, analyzing the different types and sizes of these loss exposures and deciding how to handle and finance these losses. We use a combination of commercial insurance, self-insurance, risk avoidance, risk transfers and effective claim management. We recognize that the University by its very nature is a constantly changing, dynamic entity. Our aim is to protect the University and enable it to accomplish its educational, social and economic missions.

The subject areas in which we commonly receive the most questions are listed below. Each subject contains a link to further information, including the necessary forms or guidelines that can be completed online or downloaded and printed.

We welcome inquiries from campuses, students, faculty, staff and visitors.


Department Contacts

Adam Green
Risk Manager
(207) 973-3331
Fax: (207) 947-7556


Helen Chamberland
Administrative Specialist
(207) 973-3332
Fax: (207) 947-7556


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