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Combined Charitable Appeal for University Employees (CCAUE)

The UMS CCAUE is our annual charitable giving campaign.  UMS employees may participate through payroll deduction, check/debit or credit card contributions. Over the last 10 years the UMS community has contributed nearly $1.7 million to charities serving our state.

This campaign supports vital services for our families, friends and neighbors who may have been assisted in the past and who will need our support now and in the future. The campaign runs October 5, 2015 thru December 15, 2015.

For the first time, University employees will make pledges and contributions online. UMS has partnered with InforME and created a website for the CCAUE campaign. InforME is also the vendor that developed and hosts the State of Maine charitable giving campaign website.

To participate, or to obtain more information visit online donation service.

If you have have additional questions or if you are a retiree who would like to make a donation, contact your university’s campaign chair.



View our online donation service for more information about participating federations.