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Combined Charitable Appeal for University Employees (CCAUE)

The 2014 Combined Charitable Appeal for University Employees campaign furnishes an opportunity to help a broad range of organizations serving our community, state and the world beyond.  Employees throughout the University of Maine System contributed a total of $125,032.88 in donations to the 2013 Campaign.

Campaign and Dates:
The 2014 CCAUE campaign begins November 3, 2014 and ends November 23, 2014. Donations of any amount are appreciated. If you are interested in making a donation to the CCAUE effort, please go to         .  Please visit your University Campaign Chair if you would like to make a donation, but are unable to contribute using _____.

You can contribute any amount via payroll deduction.  Alternately, you can give a lump sum amount for the entire year.

Designation of Contributions:
You may designate all or part of your annual pledge to any service agency listed in the CCAUE Contributors’ Guide. For example, if you are giving a total of $300 over the course of the year, all could be designated to one agency or $50 each to six agencies.

Participating Federations
On the pledge form, you can indicate how you would like your gift distributed. You may give to federations and/ or any of their member agencies. BE SURE to use designation code numbers from the Contributors’ Guide when designating your pledge or gift (if not pre-printed on the pledge form). Send your completed pledge form to your University Campaign Chair.

Your Contribution is Voluntary
Questions? Contact your University Chair.

Your Contribution Counts

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