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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

UMS values employees and provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit to help employees and families cope with challenging times.

The EAP is a free, voluntary and confidential service provided by Cigna. It provides employees, retirees and their household members with assessments, consultations and referrals to resources. The EAP is designed to assist you in dealing with a wide variety of personal concerns, such as:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Stress
  • Depresson
  • Family/marital matters
  • Child care & elder care issues
  • Financial/legal concerns
  • Violence and domestic violence

The UMS EAP Brochure describes the full range of services.

Contact CIGNA EAP at 1-877-622-4327 or myCigna.com  

Employer ID – UMS

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The cignabehavioral.com website has moved to a new home, myCigna.com (anyone going to the former website www.cignabehavioral.com will be redirected to www.myCigna.com ). The website redesign provides a better digital experience for our EAP customers. MyCigna Integration FAQ document addresses most common questions including how to register on the new website, looking up your EAP benefit and requesting an authorization for EAP services.

Free EAP Counseling Services

EAP counseling services are provided for up to six sessions. If a referral for additional services or treatment is necessary, EAP counselors will help employees locate services that are convenient, appropriate and affordable. Counselors are licensed health care professionals including psychologists, clinical social workers,  and marriage and family therapists.

EAP appointments may be made outside of or during work hours. Most supervisors allow employees to use EAP services during work time. For confidentiality purposes, you may treat your EAP appointment as a medical appointment. You should use accrued disability/sick leave for EAP appointments during work hours.

Free EAP Wellness Seminars


All seminars are one hour and take place on Wednesdays at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 11 am PT.  On-demand replay will be available starting 2 hours after the live presentation.

Jan 13New Year, New You:
Ten Resolutions You Can Keep
Make this the year you get your financial future on track! Our expert offers tips on planning, budgeting, and getting debt under control.
Jan 27What’s for Dinner? Healthy Meal PlanningIt’s hard to prioritize healthy meals when you’re tired after a long day. We’ll show you how planning can help make healthy choices easier.
Feb 10Worries and What to Do About ThemWhy do we worry? How much worry is too much? Get answers and strategies that can help you cope with and control worrisome thoughts.
Feb 17Manager’s Guide to the EAPDiscover the many supportive services provided by your Employee Assistance Program available to you as a manager.
Mar 2Civility and Respect at WorkWhen disrespectful actions and attitudes creep into the workplace, everyone suffers. Learn how you can respond and restore respect.
Mar 16Gender Transition in the Workplace:
A Guide for Coworkers
“Changing” genders can be a hard concept to understand. We’ll talk about gender identity and what it means when a person transitions.
Mar 23Employee Orientation to the EAPYour Employee Assistance Program can help you tackle stressors big and small, work-related or personal. Join us to learn how.
Apr 6Family Life: The Juggling ActWork, family, activities, commitments… are you trying to keep too many “balls” in the air? Explore how you can add balance and reduce stress.
Apr 20Dreaming of a Good Night’s SleepHaving trouble getting the sleep you need? Learn how sleep works and what you can do to improve yours.
May 4How Stress Affects Our EatingStress can push all of us toward the fridge. Join us to learn how to recognize what triggers stress eating and how to react differently.
May 18Working Together:
Diversity in the Workplace
Understand how to thrive in a diverse environment and play a part in creating an inclusive workplace.
May 25Manager’s Guide:
Effective Leadership Communication
It’s hard to lead when no one is following. Explore how to make your message meet the mark and support your leadership goals.
Jun 8Unique You: Personality Styles at WorkGet insight into your personality and strategies for improving interactions with others who have different styles.
Jun 22Endings and Opportunities:
The Power of Acceptance
Life is full of curveballs, closed doors, and unasked for endings. Learn how acceptance can help you open the door to new opportunities.
Jul 13Positive Parenting: Shaping BehaviorFrom toddlers to tweens, kids know how to push limits and our buttons. We’ll discuss how to use positive methods to change negative behavior.
Jul 20Fitness EssentialsTime to get back to basics! We’ll cover key eating, exercise, and personal fitness strategies to keep you on track for good health.
Aug 3Living with GriefThere’s no easy way “through” grief. What we can do is share strategies to help you cope with the challenges of living with loss and change.
Aug 17Beating BurnoutEveryone gets stressed out once in a while. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it could be job burnout. Learn how to spot it and stop it.
Aug 24Finding Your ResilienceLife can play rough, but you have the power to bounce back. Join us to explore the concept of resilience and learn how to strengthen yours.
Sep 7Manager’s Guide: Suicide AwarenessSuicide is a difficult topic. Learn about possible risk factors, common warning signs, and how to respond in the workplace.
Sep 21Stress Relief: Train Your BrainModern life leads to modern stress. Our built-in primitive response can be a problem. Time to train your brain to rewire your stress response!
Oct 5A Holiday Spending Survival GuideThe holidays shouldn’t be a chore, but they can feel like it! Make this year different using our realistic planning, organizing and shopping tips.
Oct 19Caring for the CaregiverIt’s an honor to care for an aging loved one. It can also be intensely stressful. We’ll discuss helpful strategies for healthy caregiving.
Nov 2Stress in Customer Service RolesCustomer service comes with a unique set of demands. Get strategies for managing and reducing your stress.
Nov 16Manager’s Guide: Virtual WorkplaceWhen “going to work” means walking into a home office, a manager’s role can be more difficult. Review best practices for a productive team.
Dec 7Secrets of HappinessWho doesn’t want to be happy!? But is getting there really a secret? You may be surprised! Explore what happiness is and how to find more of it.