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MEIF SCI Forms and Other Information

MEIF SIC Definitions

Associated Instrumentation – instrumentation directly connected with the workings of capital equipment.

Capital Equipment – equipment that costs at least $5,000 and has a useful life of at least one year. (See APL 1-G.2 for more information) Equipment with a useful life of less than one year is considered supplies.

Cluster – A concentration of companies, supported by common research and service organizations, that serve customers with similar technology needs and draw on common knowledge and workforce skills in the development of innovative products and services. Strong networking links in these organizations result in a collective competitive advantage.

Collaborator – An individual, organization, institution, company, or other entity that is outside and independent of the Applicant, has a clearly defined, integral role in Work Plan execution, or is contributing matching funds or a sub-award.

Award Period – Time frame within which the technical effort must be completed and the period during which quarterly and annual reports are required and follow-ups are conducted on the project’s performance.

Lead Applicant – The legal name of the entity that is submitting the application and will be legally and financially responsible for the administration of the award.

Matching Funds – Monetary expenses for allowable costs on the Project that are documented within the financial books of the Lead Applicant. See Matching Funds Guidelines.

Matching Funds Guidelines

Applicants should use the following matching funds descriptions to govern the identification and use for Project expenditures.

1. The use of matching funds may be satisfied by the following:

A. Matching Funds are defined as monetary expenses for allowable costs; (1) incurred by the award recipient as an integral part the activities described in the application, as amended, during the term of this Project; (2) charged to accounts of the award recipient other than accounts funded from the MEIF SCI award, and (3) documented within the financial books of the Award recipient. This includes monetary resources contributed directly to the Award recipient or to a parent organization by a third party for support of the Award recipient and used in furtherance of the Project.

2. General Conditions and Restrictions:

A. Commitments of financial support included as part of the Project’s Matching Funds must occur after the date of application submission.

B. Qualifying expenses relating to the proposed project may be incurred anytime after the application submission. Pre-award expenditures are made at the applicant’s risk. It is possible that portions or the entire project may not be funded.

C. Other forms of Matching Funds support not described within this exhibit may qualify as Matching Funds. All financial support not described within this exhibit must have prior UMS approval. The Award recipient must submit a request for approval of other forms of Matching Funds and receive written approval from UMS prior to reporting the contribution into the Project as Matching Funds.

D. Matching Funds may not count towards satisfying a Matching Funds of more than one MEIF –SCI award..

E. Standards for third party Matching Fund contributions:

1.) Third party Matching Fund contributions count towards satisfying a Matching Fund only when the party providing the contribution has paid for the contribution and when such payment is an Allowable Cost.

2.) Valuation of third party matching fund contributions:

a.) Donated supplies or materials are supplies or materials donated to the Project by a third party. The contribution will be valued at the market value of the supplies or materials at the time of donation.

b.) Donated use of equipment or space occurs when a third party donates the use of equipment or space in furtherance of the Project. The contribution will be valued at the fair rental rate of the equipment or space.

c.) Donated equipment, buildings, and/or land are real and personal property donated by a third party in furtherance of the Project, where title passes to the Award recipient. The contribution will be valued using the fair market value of the property at the time of donation.

F. Documentation of Matching Funds must include the company or institution name, address, the value of the Matching Funds, and the method of valuation. The Award recipient is to retain a letter of commitment or agreement signed by an authorized official of the contributing member and by the Award recipient.

G. The Award recipient must maintain documentation sufficient to verify all reported Matching Funds. This documentation must show how the value of costs and contributions were calculated.

1.) Fair market rentals for use of equipment or space or fair market values of donated equipment, space, or land will be supported by price quotations from one or more vendors or by appraisals performed by an independent appraiser.

H. Certification of Matching Funds:

1.) The method and frequency of reporting Cash Matching Funds will be specified in the Award Agreementand based on proposal budget and milestones.

2.) An itemized listing of eligible Matching Funds attributed to the Project during the Award Period is to be included in the Matching Funds reporting, as specified in the Award Agreement.

Project Milestone Schedule

Prepare a table that
1. Indicates a Milestone,
2. a start and end date for that Milestone,
3. a budgeted amount for achieving that Milestone, and
4. the outcome that will be reported.
Milestones should be significant events that indicate progress of the project and may result in a decision point on which the next steps of the project might depend.