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Create and Import a Flat File Revised 4/30/2007
InterUnitRevised 11/28/2006
Process Posting
Journal Entry – Setting Up Workflow Revised 9/22/05
Journal Entry – Setting Up Workflow Forms New 9/22/05
Excel Journal Entry Training Revised 11/28/06
Excel Journal Entry Manual Revised 11/28/06                                                                                                                                        Journal Entry Approval Manual Revised 11/28/06
Online Journal Entry & Approval Revised 11/28/06
Online Journal Entry Quick Reference Guide
Online Journal Entry Manual Revised 11/28/06
Unlock Journal Entries Revised 9/02/05

Translating From 10-Digit Accounting ID’s to PS Chartfields Created 7/10/07

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Internal Reporting

For more information on Internal Reporting, including training documents, visit us on the MyUMS Employee Portal.