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General Ledger Close Exhibits

Exhibit I Bank Reconciliation

Exhibit II-Instructions Guidance for Reconciling General Ledger Accounts

Exhibit II GL Control Reconciliation

Exhibit II A Student Accounts Receivable

Exhibit II B Breakdown of Accounts Receivable

Exhibit II C Aging of Receivables

Exhibit II D Loans Receivable – Scheduled Payments

Exhibit III Savings Accounts and Other Investments

Exhibit IV Schedule of Imprest Cash

Exhibit V Accrued Expenses

Exhibit VII A Inventory

Exhibit VII B Bookstore Inventory Summary

Exhibit VII C Bookstore Accounts Receivable – Vendors

Exhibit VII D Bookstore Accounts Payable – Vendors

Exhibit VII E Bookstore Distressed Inventory Summary

Exhibit IX – Perkins Perkins Reconciliation

Exhibit IX – Nursing Nursing Reconciliation

Exhibit IX A List of Students

Exhibit XI Student Activity Accounts

Exhibit XII Student Activity Accounts Balance Sheet

Exhibit XIII Pledges with Unfulfilled Donor Requirements

Exhibit XIV Deleted

Exhibit XV Leases (University leasing from another entity)

Exhibit XVI Leases (University leasing to another entity)


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