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Sole Source Justification

Pursuant to the policies of the University of Maine System, the University must procure all material, equipment, supplies and services via competitive means whenever practicable. However, the University may waive the competitive process and approve sole source procurement provided the requestor can adequately justify its use. In cases where an alternate supplier for a similar product or service cannot be identified, the requestor must document that a good faith effort has been made in seeking other sources. A listing of the unique technical specifications required of the product and the companies that were contacted in the search for alternate sources is necessary. Purchasing Agents may use this information in conducting their own market search. Sole source justification cannot be based on quality or price.

All sole source justifications are subject to public review; other suppliers may have the opportunity to review the justification and protest the purchase if they feel the justification is not adequate or based on valid grounds. Therefore, the justification must contain clear, in depth and accurate information in order to avoid the possibility of delaying the procurement.

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