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The University of Maine System frequently rents, leases, and purchases vehicles over the course of the year. The below bullet points seek to help the University to make the best fiscal and safe decision on how to travel.

  • Vehicle rentals do not automatically have coverage, and coverage for the vehicle must be selected at the Rental Car Counter. In order to ease the administrative burden on whether insurance should be purchased, as well as for fiscally responsible spending, the University of Maine System has entered into an agreement with Enterprise that includes physical damage insurance, as well as primary liability insurance while on company business. Details regarding the rentals are in Concur. It is Risk Management’s recommendation to always rent with Enterprise to ensure that there is adequate coverage for rentals.

  • Where Enterprise is not available, check your VISA Travel Card’s Loss Damage Waiver provisions as they may cover your for very short term rentals, generally with less than eight seats. Exotic cars are specifically excluded. Any claims involving a rental vehicle, MUST be reported to Risk Management immediately.

  • International Rentals should always have the liability insurance purchased. Our liability policy requires that we have minimum coverage within the country where the vehicle operates before their coverage will apply. Rentals in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jamaica, and Israel do not qualify for the Collision Damage Waiver coverage from the Travel Card, so in these destinations, the Collision Damage Waiver should also be purchased.

  • Risk Management has also entered into an agreement with Central Fleet Management at the State of Maine to lease or rent vehicles from them. These are economically excellent choices, but availability is not statewide at this time for short term rentals. The State can make long term leases with any campus.

  • Vehicle leases and purchases are handled by Strategic Procurement. Risk Management is ultimately responsible for administration once they are obtained. For additional information when it makes sense to lease v. buy v. obtain a State of Maine Central Fleet vehicle, reach out to procurementservices@maine.edu.


Current Rental Car Workflow