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Policy Manual – Chancellor and Presidents Benefit Package

Section 404.4 Chancellor and Presidents Benefit Package

Effective: 12/18/79
Last Revised: 11/6/95. 3/15/10
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement:

The Chancellor and Presidents are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees. The initial appointments for the Chancellor or a President shall specify (1) an agreement regarding the process and timetable for evaluation; and (2) a two-year renewable term appointment which may be extended annually on the first anniversary date of appointment and thereafter, subject to the Notice for Cause policy.

In addition to benefits accorded all System employees, the Chancellor and Presidents shall be eligible for the following benefits established by the Board of Trustees and as agreed upon at the time of appointment or reappointment.

1. Life insurance at twice the base salary with the University System paying the total premium.

2. A motor vehicle.

3. As a condition of employment, University-maintained housing will be provided on a campus when available or a housing allowance will be provided for the appointed Chancellor and President (excludes Interim or Acting incumbents). Housing allowances provided in lieu of University housing will be reviewed annually and adjusted by the housing C.P.I.

4.  A Chancellor or President who completed five or more years of service in that position and who will continue to serve UMS in a faculty position may be granted a one semester or one-half year sabbatical at the administrative salary level in order to transition to the faculty position.  The sabbatical is not a right, but may be granted at the discretion of the Chancellor for a President or of the Board for an employee serving as Chancellor.  The employee will be required to return to UMS employment for a least one year or to repay the sabbatical salary.


The Board of Trustees shall approve the salaries of the individual officers upon appointment and thereafter on a periodic basis.

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