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Policy Manual – Chancellor Appointment and Responsibilities

Section 203 Chancellor – Appointment and Responsibilities

Effective: 2/82
Last Revised: 7/17/89
Responsible Office: Clerk of the Board

Policy Statement:

The Chancellor of the University of Maine System is appointed by the Board of Trustees and serves at its pleasure as the chief administrative and education officer of the University System. The Chancellor is accountable to the Board for making certain that the System operates in accordance with Maine Statutes, and the policies and procedures of the University of Maine System.

The Chancellor is responsible for:

  • the governance and administration of the University System;
  • the implementation of Board policy and procedures and other such duties as the Board may delegate or assign;
  • providing the Board with professional judgments on all matters affecting the System and the universities;
  • System planning, in conjunction with campus Presidents, for academic affairs, student affairs, public service programs, financial operations, capital plans, and resource utilization;
  • the preparation of all operating and capital budgets, appropriation requests, bond issues, and statutory changes;
  • the presentation of appropriation requests, bond issues, and statutory changes to executive or legislative branches of Maine government in accordance with the provisions of the Maine statutes;
  • the nomination of persons to head the campuses and other System major staff for appointment by the Board of Trustees, and for implementation of professional development programs and performance review of the presidents and major staff;
  • seeking consultation and advice from the Presidents, both collectively and individually, on matters pertaining to the System and, as appropriate, to each campus;
  • the development of an effective statewide public relations and legislative program.