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Board of Trustees Strategic Outcomes

The 2014 Board of Trustees Strategic Outcomes establishes outcomes through which the University of Maine System Board of Trustees directs its vision using our mission categories of Education, Research & Economic Development, and Public Service. To learn more, visit this web page.


Board of Trustees Priority Outcomes

In 2016 the Board of Trustees established four primary and two secondary outcomes:

Primary Outcomes:
Increase Enrollment
Improve Student Success and Complete
Enhance Fiscal Positioning
Support Maine through Research and Economic Development

Secondary Outcomes:
Relevant Academic Programming
University Workforce Engagement


In order to further define the Board  of Trustees Strategic Outcomes, the Board approved the following document at the December 19, 2018 Special Board of Trustees meeting.

Declaration of Strategic Priorities to Address Critical State Needs

Workforce Engagement Report – Executive Summary
Workforce Engagement Full Report